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Experiencing Culture Through Food


As a theme of this class, I believe that food can represent culture and the different kinds of foods and flavors can mean all sorts of ethnic traditions. The first day of the course taught me about the flavors of Italy and how they can be so diverse. The story shared about the blind man knowing his location through the food made me think about how food means much more than what goes into your body when you’re hungry. Thinking back to my past summer spent abroad, I can connect the different types of foods to a region of Europe and understand the history of why the food is tied to the land. Though I was never brave enough to try it, London is well known for fish and chips. This is a very common deep fried dish enjoyed by commoners and many pubs around England pride itself on having the very best fish and chips in the United Kingdom. When I was in Dublin, I was greeted with a pint of Guinness when I got off the plane and I fell in love with the rich tasting ale that Ireland is famous for. Coming back to America, I have yet to taste the Guinness that I enjoyed so much in Ireland. My first meal in Paris consisted of an omelet topped off with cheese, and though I believe I make very good omelets, nothing I had ever had could compare to the texture of that in France. My last meal in Paris was a crepe, another French food that is sold as a tradition of city street venders. I think that there is much to say about the different foods of the world and their individual connections with the land that they derive from.


Living in a sorority doesn’t allow me to cook my own meals, but having a boyfriend with his own kitchen randomly does! Last week, I was not given the opportunity to cook for any of my meals, but I did visit a restaurant and try something new. Because I am from Chicago, I am very opinionated about my pizza. Though I do not think there are any good pizza places here in West Lafayette, I believe that Boiler Market has better pizza than any other on campus. There is a possibility that I believe this because it is a Chicago style pizza that I order. Or it could be that I get the pizza for very cheap because I get two dollars off every single time that I order! My friend Lauren came into town from New york for the weekend and she ordered a kind of pizza that I had not ever experienced. I have just recently tried their vegetable pizza and found the broccoli on it to be very different from the other pizzas that I am used to. I thought that having the particular vegetable on this pizza was very strange, was very curious and I cannot say that I didn’t like it! My friend Lauren is originally from Chicago, but she moved to New York City for college to attend New York University. She absolutely loved everything about that city, including the pizza. This has made for interesting debates between which pizza style is better, even though I know deep down that Lauren will never go without Chicago style pizza like (my favorite) Lou Malnati’s. A new pizzeria just recently opened in my town, Lake Forest, and it is a Lou Malnati’s! This is very exciting because I used to have to drive twenty minutes into the city in order to carry out the pizza. It was definitely worth the time spent to get the deliciously thick, tomato topped, deep-dish cheese pizza. YUM. The pizzeria delivers anywhere in the country! I must recommend giving it a try!

Which pizza looks better, the Lou Malnati’s deep dish, Chicago style pizza on the right? Or the greasy, thin crust, New York style pizza on the left? YOU BE THE JUDGE!



I have to say that though I do enjoy some deep fried foods, I do not believe that I would ever enjoy deep fried fish. Many people laugh at my when I say that I refused to try the delicacy while in England, but I just could not bring myself to do it! I am not a huge fan of fish to begin with, and the thought of fish and chips turns me off! I know that I should not be knocking it until I’ve tried it, and now that I am back in America, I almost with that I would have, so maybe the next time I head back across the pond, I will get brave, plug my nose, and take a big bite of fish and chips!

It is interesting that you talk about cooking with beer. Mia nonna cooks my favorite kind of chocolate cake with beer! When I was younger, my dad told my siblings and I that we were not allowed to have it because of the alcohol in it, but it was just because he wanted the whole cake to himself!

I hope this answers some of your questions!