Food and Transgression


I believe that there is a reason for scheduling a “Food and Transgression” Blog Post to be due for the class right after viewing the Italian film, “I am Love” in class. There was an obvious connection between food and disobedience in the movie, which became a fairly strong theme of the film. Food, more or less, became the story line for the malfunctions in the film that ends up revealing the secrets of the family and their actions through a Russian soup that Emma prepares for her son Edo. Edo becomes aware of his mother’s affair with the chef Antonio when he is served a bowl of the rare fish soup. The clear broth with the chunks of a variety of fish in it was the link between Emma and Edo and Antonio all at the same time. This shows how some foods can be so specific to certain cultures that it can reveal the immoral actions of Edo’s mother, Emma, and one of his close friends, Antonio. I think that food and transgression can show through many themes in this movie. It shows how food and culture are so closely tied and also how food and class are connected because there is an obvious tie from poorer foods to more elegant foods. In this movie, these connections are clear because the Recchi family was able to afford not only a wait staff, but also a chef to prepare their meals and dinner parties. I think that it is very interesting to see the connections between food and different themes in movies and my fascination with this started sophomore year when I took Italian Cinema. This was a great class and challenged me, but I do recommend it to other students!



After reading the last email sent out with the recipes last week, I became very interested in one recipe in particular because it looked incredibly familiar. Lucia’s recipe for i passatelli seems to be exactly like a comfort food that I have become more than accustom to over the years. My family and I refer to this as “bread crumb soup” because we scramble an egg then add Parmesan cheese and bread crumbs, as well as other simple things like nutmeg. This is a very simple soup, but it is often difficult to get the proportions correct and because my nonna does not measure anything before she cooks it, I just have to guess when I make things! There are a few things that my family and I do differently at home as opposed to the recipe that was sent out. In stead of putting the mixture through any sort of tool, we mash everything up in the bowl and dump it right into the broth. Even though we do not do everything the same, we do end up with the same soup because my mixture ends up looking like mini gnocchi too. I love bread crumb soup and crave it frequently! The next time I make the soup, I will have to film it so that I can show you how I make it!

Bread Crumb Soup Recipe:

Because spring break is coming up very soon, there are many people thinking about food and whether or not they should be consuming what they are putting into their bodies. The “beach body” ( )covers thousands of magazines and living in a sorority house has taught me that it is very frequent that girls have concerns with food and how they look. Though I am not looking to skimp down thirty pounds before I leave for Miami on Saturday, I am being extra conscious of what I eat. This also ties into Lent starting this Wednesday because I will be giving up certain foods in order to sacrifice. For Lent, I will give up bagels, pizza, soda pop, and fast food. I do this because they are some of my favorite things to eat and I believe giving them up now will help me in the long run.  I think that I will be healthier for spring break to shed some of those unwanted pounds, but I believe that it is important to give up things that I care about for Lent.


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  1. 1 lucia March 8, 2011 at 5:21 am

    so… during Lent or your diet before leaving for Miami: do you ever transgress?

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