Food, Love, and Lust

Blog Post #3

I think that there is a strong correlation between food and love; maybe not even just love, but also lust and a sexual desire. After watching the film in class, “Facing Windows,” I think that there was an obvious familial type of love between Simone (Davide) and Giovanna as he allowed her to make his world famous pastries with him and he shared something so precious with her. In the movie it clearly shows that the relationship between the lost old man and the young mother develops into a caring and endearing one and Simone decides to share his special talent with her. Another example from the movie where love and food draw parallels is between Giovanna and the sexy man in the window which is more of a lustful obsession rather than love. Not that food was exactly involved, but Lorenzo watching Giovanna washing the dishes after dinner lead to a sexual desire and lust for her. I think that “Facing Windows” had a good number of references about how food can be connected with love that can also be applied to everyday life. I believe that there are many women who could relate to the movie and the emotions that are able to develop through food. There are often love stories and movies where first kisses take place while preparing dinner and songs where the man sticks out the first year’s worth of meals that his new wife has cooked for him. I think that food can be a very sensual thing that can bring people together and create love.


As you know, I have written in the past about how living in a large sorority house, I am not able to cook my own food, but because my boyfriend lives in an apartment I am given the opportunity to cook. This past weekend we made chicken cutlets with a recipe that my nonna has been making since she was young. My boyfriend and I have been dating for a year and a half and now it is a lot of fun to prepare our meals together instead of just going out to dinner all of the time. It is nice that we get to work together to make something and the chicken cutlets were a perfect meal for it. We added peas and carrots into the breaded chicken in sauce which was great because my boyfriend, Sean, really likes peas for some odd reason, or so I thought he would! Making the chicken cutlets was interesting because when we would flip the chicken, the bread crumbs would come off, the grease would spit back at us and burn, or not everything would fit into the pan. But it was definitely an adventure and I look forward to making them again sometime. We added a little too much chicken stock though so the sauce was fairly thin. When I told my mom about this, she told me that I should have added flour to the liquid and it would thicken up. I think that is a very good idea and it made sense because I know that when my mom makes them, the sauce is always thicker and never runny which adds flavor to the chicken! Either way, I truly enjoy making dinner with him and think it is a wonderful way for us to spend time together.

This is a picture that I found on the internet of chicken cutlets that sort of look like what I make. Next time, I will have to be sure that I take a picture to upload here!



Though Sean does cook for me sometimes, but mostly, he reheats things in the microwave for me! I often like to cook with him anyway! I think it is a great thing to do together, especially because we cannot afford to go out to fancy dinners every night and have our meals prepared for us. It is always fun when we cook together. He always tells me that I am a messy cook, but if the food tastes good and I clean the stove afterward, I do not see what is wrong with being a little messy in the kitchen! In fact, I think it shows that I am not afraid to hold back and that I like to experiment while cooking because I do not have a cookbook to go by and I like trying things out for myself. Never the less, I have never seen my mom or my grandmothers (including Nonna) ever use a cookbook!


1 Response to “Food, Love, and Lust”

  1. 1 lucia February 9, 2011 at 5:39 am

    very good!
    Does Sean ever cook for you??
    what does he make?
    if you are doing something special for V-day make a post about it 🙂

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